1. Design Engineer:

Perform engineering duties in planning and designing functioning equipment. Research and design products and systems to meet requirements. Design and implement design models to assess feasibility and need of modifications.

Position requires Bachelor’s / equivalent in Engineering or a related field and 2 years of experience including Revit, AutoCAD, DC and AC motors, AC and DC wiring, development of ladder logic, Lighting controls, Luminaire selections and architecturally integrated lighting systems, Logic Controller (PLC), HMI installation, HMI programming, PLC programming, and SCADA.

Send resume to: [email protected] or mail to: IPS Assembly Corp., 12077 Merriman Rd., Livonia, MI, 48150

2. Mechanical Designer:

Prepare detailed working diagrams of machinery & mechanical devices using computer-assisted drafting; Develop detailed design drawings & specifications for mechanical equipment, dies, tools & controls; Produce three-dimensional models; Modify and revise designs to correct operating deficiencies; Check dimensions of materials to be used; Compute mathematical formulas to develop & design specifications for components or machinery; Coordinate and consult other workers to design, lay out, detail components and systems and to resolve design or other problems; Confer with customer representatives to review schematics and answer questions.

Position requires minimum 2 years of experience with: using Solidworks 3D CAD to develop design and specifications for mechanical equipment; using CNC and 3D printing automation to fabricate prototypes and models; designing blueprints of specialty items; layout and drawing of views to depict functional relationships; computation of formulas to develop/design specifications; Autodesk AutoCAD; Catia; Document management system software; Adobe After Effects; CAD multi-unit display graphics cards; Backlit digitizers; Sonic digitizers; Three-dimensional laser digitizers; and CNC equipment.

Send resume to: [email protected] or mail to: IPS Assembly Corp., 12077 Merriman Rd., Livonia, MI, 48150

3. Electrical Designer:

Prepare wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, and layout drawings used for the manufacture, installation or repair of electrical equipment; Design electrical systems; Review completed construction drawings and cost estimates for accuracy and conformity to standards and regulations; Consult with engineers to discuss requirements of detailed working drawings; Examine electronic schematics to develop, compute, and verify specifications; Write technical reports and draw charts; Review blueprints to determine customer requirements.

Position requires minimum 2 years of experience with: designing circuits for testing generators; assisting for electrical panels; manufacturing motor test systems and fault simulation systems; designing AC/DC drive packages; design and manufacture of systems for power labs, electronic test consoles, sub-assemblies for testing power; SOW review of Electrical Panels and Systems; ERP System use; Acceptance Test Plans and techniques; and diagnosis of faulty operations and repair recommendations.

Send resume to: [email protected] or mail to: IPS Assembly Corp., 12077 Merriman Rd., Livonia, MI, 48150

4. Sr. Computer Systems Engineer:/p>

Design and develop solutions to complex software systems problems and systems administration issues. Perform systems engineering and software systems integration. Identify systems data, hardware, and software components necessary for software systems business requirement needs. Communicate with users to understand system business requirements and conduct analysis of such requirements. Design and conduct testing of software systems.

Position requires Masters/equivalent in CS, CIS, Engineering, or related field, and 1 year of experience including Website Design, Database Management, .Net Programming language, CSS and HTML script writing, Visual C++, Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, SQL, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. 

Send resume to: [email protected] or mail to: IPS Assembly Corp., 12077 Merriman Rd., Livonia, MI, 48150